Dating vox ac30 tb did matthew gray gubler dating kat dennings

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Dating vox ac30 tb

My impression from either him or the book was that the external serial number on the cabinet, was not a good indication of its month/ year of manufacture, as VOX sub contracted so much work to different firms in the early to mid sixties during their expansion.My impression was the number stamped on the chassis was more important at dating it than the one on the rear of the cabinet.Gitarristen auf der Suche nach mehr Leistung sollten den AC30 antesten, der zwar den unnachahmlichen Sound seines kleines Bruders erzeugt, aber eben mit der doppelten Leistung Mit seinen vier EL84 Leistungsröhren kredenzt der AC30 Custom cremige und bissige Sounds mit einer Ausgangsleistung von 30W, die von zwei Celestion Greenback oder Alnico Blue 12”-Lautsprechern ausgegeben werden.

The heat generated by these tubes sometimes caused the main circuit board to warp, at times leadiing to premature electronic failure.

I am now wondering if I got it wrong, and it is maybe a later unit.

The information on the rear of the cabinet is: Model No.

AC30 Super Twin(1963) S/N 9952N Rear Panel TB Head, Dynamic Bass (1968) #1153, AC30CCH, V212BN 1 x Alnico Blue 1 x Wharfdale, VBM1, AC4TV, Marshall JTM312, Gibson 347(1987), Les Paul Custom, US Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster, CIJ Jaguar HH. thank you for you reply!

Here the photo of the ampli, next days I will make the photo to the component of the ampli. ... but there isen't my speaker...because it is 25W 55Hz 8ohm In the photo you can see the number T1871 DK 27 and one cirle with inside a number "70"Thanks You amp is a Dallas Arbiter model from between 19 serial numbers started at 1001 and early models had a D for Dallas and a year code for 1974/75 .

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The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage Vox amplifiers, Vox, WEM and Meazzi echo and reverb units, and other equipment and accessories that is offered for sale.

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