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At 41 years old, she won three silver medals, including a heartbreaking 50-meter freestyle race in which she missed the gold by 1/100th of a second When she initially decided to make a comeback for the 2008 Olympics, Torres -- then in her late 30s -- said she knew it would take more than just hard work to make a medal happen. "The physical work up to that point obviously is very important, but it's amazing how much mental capacity can play a role in how you perform.There's no way I would have won a medal if I hadn't thought positively about it for the whole entire two years that I was training." In all, Torres swam in five different Olympics from the time she was a teenager to her final appearance at age 41.World-renowned for his portraiture, Schoeller has photographed a diverse range of subjects including world leaders and celebrities, among others.His portraits for the campaign feature notable names like Dara Torres who has been living with plaque psoriasis for two decades, former professional football player and sports analyst Mark Schlereth who is living with psoriatic arthritis, to everyday people with the disease.She presented, "Don't Put an Age Limit on Your Dreams," which reflected on her accomplishments as the oldest swimmer to ever compete in the Olympic Games.

On hosting workout parties: I have a little gym in my house where I have a heavy bag and a speed bag. D., professor of orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School, Dara Torres and Kevin Garvin, M.D., professor and chair of orthopaedic surgery at UNMC, posed for a photo following the June 10 graduation ceremony.Dara Torres has an ex-husband that doesn't care if she wins in Beijing.There is 1 guy out there not rooting for Dara Torres to win gold in the Beijing Olympics. Fox Sports is reporting that the West Palm surgeon has heard enough about ex-wife Torres.

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This story gets interesting when you combine 1) every single person on Earth is cheering for the 41-year old Torres; 2) Torres thinks everything is cool with Shasha; and 3) Torres lives with and has a child by the guy that was her and Shasha's fertility doctor.