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Some of the best-known groups are Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACo A).

These support groups are based on the 12-step approach and work with the loved ones of those with addiction issues, both while the addicted person is actively using and also during and after treatment for alcohol addiction.

These symptoms must be determined to cause significant impairment in an individual’s life see Autism Fact Sheet.

Finally, the manual requires professionals to ensure that other medical and/or psychological conditions are not present to account for the symptoms.

Support groups can be an invaluable tool for those family members who are struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction.

Friends and family must learn to cope with fears that the addicted person will suffer physical issues, hurt themselves in various ways, encounter legal complications, have unpredictable mood swings, lie, and possibly even die, all related to using drugs and alcohol.In some cases, family members of those who abuse alcohol may attempt to exert some external control on the person’s addiction (or the consequences of the addiction) by hiding or throwing away bottles of alcohol and taking away car keys.Other loved ones of an alcoholic may unintentionally enable the person by calling in to work for them when they are either still too drunk or too hungover the next day to show up, or by lying to other family members saying the person has the flu to deflect concern rather than acknowledging the drinking behavior and its obvious consequences.To ensure consistency in diagnosis, professionals use standard diagnostic criteria found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – 4th Edition (DSM-IV) – (1).This manual specifies the required number of symptoms needed in the three core diagnostic areas which include –socialization, communication and repetitive/restricted behaviors and interests.

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Onsite counseling is also available.""I have an extensive nursing practice history in almost every inpatient and outpatient area including Primary Care, Women's Health, Diabetes and Chronic Disease management providing a more comprehensive outcome improving both mental and physical health.