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Posted by / 03-Jul-2016 23:15

Wordpress not updating archive title

You can extend this further by creating a dedicated archives page.

Unfortunately, not every Word Press theme comes with an archives page template and those that do are not always structured the way you want.

I have compiled a list of steps that you can go through to fix this title rewrite issue.

Make sure your theme is printing the title correctly so the plugin can filter it. You shouldn’t have to worry about this step if you are using a properly coded Word Press theme.

That is what appears at the top of your browser window.

In the file of your Word Press theme you will come across a bit of code that looks something like this. If you are on the main page of your website, you will see the name of the blog at the top of the browser but if you are on on a post’s page then you will see your blog name, “Blog Archive” and then the title of the post.

The basic problem with this default code is that the name of your blog always comes first. Let move some things around until we get something like this. You can change this to whatever you want but remember to leave the blank spaces before and after the character you choose.

Is the name of your blog the most important information or is it the name of your post? Next, if it is not the home page, we are going to show the name of the post (wp_title), but only if there is one.

The quickest way to see if your activated Word Press theme has an archives template is to create or edit a page (not a blog post! At the right hand side of the post editor you will see the menu.

Then, you’d go back to your website and use your theme settings to insert your new graphic as the title for that particular page.

In some cases, this can be handy to add extra visual appeal.

Another example where you don’t want a page title to show would be if you created a static page to use as your homepage.

You don’t necessarily want a big bold title that says Home right at the top now do you? When it comes to the manual method of removing page titles, you have a few options.

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