Wu chun dating rainie yang

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See full summary » In high school Zhong Yu Tang was the overachiever with a bright future ahead of her while Ji Wen Kai was the underachiever.Ten years later the tables have turned when he becomes the new CEO of the cosmetic company Yu Tang works for.

Eldest of a 2 children family, he has a sister younger by 2 years, mother and father who all currently still reside in New York.

At age 7 he began training in Chinese martial arts. At age 17 he was appointed as an instructor at Wutang. John's University located in Queens, New York, graduating in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Graphic Design.

He studied under Master Marlon Ma at NY Wutang Chinese Martial Arts Institute where he learned the fighting style of the long fist, praying mantis, and baji. While visiting family and friends in Taiwan after graduating from college he was scouted and asked to audition for a talent agency due to his boyish good looks and 5' 11" (180 cm) height.

This will be a cute first to hear him speak on screen. And his chemistry with Rainie looks totally squee to me.

But a word of caution – SA looks to be the exact same storyline of with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara – rich chaebol and his meddlesome maid complete with parachuting into her while she’s taking an outdoor bath.

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In 2006 he made his acting debut as the 2nd male lead alongside Wallace Huo in the idol drama "Emerald on the Roof".

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